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So you have just registered your domain and now you are looking for a company to host your domain so you can build a website and activate your emails? Pick one of the below and save by paying monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually. The choice is yours, get started today.

Business Email Starter

1GB Diskspace
cPanel Login
Technical Support for (1year)
Free Domain.co.za
Anti-spam / Anti-virus Email Scanning
3 Email Account

Business Lite
monthly from

6GB Diskspace
cPanel Login
Unlimited Traffic
Technical Support for (1year)
Anti-spam / Anti-virus Email Scanning
35 Email Accounts
Hosted in JHB, South Africa

Business Standard
monthly from

10GB Diskspace
cPanel Login
Unlimited Traffic
Technical Support (1year)
Anti-spam / Anti-virus Email Scanning
50 Email Accounts
Hosted in JHB, South Africa

Business Enterprise
monthly from

20GB Diskspace
cPanel Login
Unlimited Traffic
Technical Support (1year)
Anti-spam / Anti-virus Email Scanning
Unlimited Email Accounts
Hosted in JHB, South Africa

Register A Domain

No domain? No problem, we have you covered. Get one from our wide range of top-level domains and give your business a little more credibility and individuality. What are you waiting for?
CO.ZA R       95,00 R       95,00Free
NET.ZA R       95,00 R       95,00Free
ORG.ZA R       95,00 R       95,00Free
WEB.ZA R       95,00 R       95,00Free
BIZ R     404,00 R     404,00 R     404,00
COM R     340,00 R     340,00 R     340,00
CO R     835,00 R     835,00 R     835,00
CLOUD R     340,00 R     340,00 R     340,00
CLUB R     370,00 R     370,00 R     370,00
ME R     560,00 R     560,00 R     560,00
IO R  1 170,00 R  1 170,00 R  1 170,00
EMAIL R     560,00 R     560,00 R     560,00
TV R  1 090,00 R  1 090,00 R  1 090,00
BE R     260,00 R     260,00 R     260,00
TECH R  1 505,00 R  1 505,00 R  1 505,00
SITE R     835,00 R     835,00 R     835,00
BLOG R     835,00 R     835,00 R     835,00
ONLINE R  1 030,00 R  1 030,00 R  1 030,00
WEBSITE R     700,00 R     700,00 R     700,00
INFO R     475,00 R     475,00 R     475,00
MOBI R     560,00 R     560,00 R     560,00
NET R     420,00 R     420,00 R     420,00
ORG R     420,00 R     420,00 R     420,00
XYZ R     365,00 R     365,00 R     365,00

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Let your customers find you through search engines with 0 advertising budget.


Imagine turning your entire business into an online business without breaking a sweat.

Digital Marketing

We provide training to help businesses build internal capacity.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens after I sign up for web hosting?

After you have selected your preferred web hosting package, which includes 1 year technical support and a personalised domain, you can proceed to confirm payment either through the website or by contacting one of our account managers to send you our banking details. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email which will outline further steps. The entire process from payment to registration takes 3 hours and after 12-24 hours, you will be able to use your domain for emails and creating your own website.

Do I need to renew my web hosting and domain?

Yes, you will need to renew your web hosting package annually. The payment is usually the same amount you paid to initiate service. For example, our hosting package for .co.za domain extension is ZAR 989 per year including technical support.

What if I am having issues with my web hosting service?

Thankfully, you have access to our technical team 7 days a week. Please note that their active hours are between 8am and 7pm but they will be available for emergencies after hours. So, you can rest assured that your request or matter will be attended to with the urgency it deserves. Our team is also ready to help you setup your emails remotely.

I already have a domain; I am just looking for hosting

Then it is simple, you just need to transfer your domain to us or use our nameservers to redirect your domain to our servers. Contact an account manager for assistance with this.