Client Reaipela Cleaners
Production Date Jan - Oct, 2019
Used Skills Web Design, Web Hosting, Digital Marketing, SEO, Digitization, Business Development

Project Description

Reaipela Cleaners is a full-service cleaning company based in Johannesburg. They offer their services to residential and commercial clientele. After having been in business for about a year and setting up an initial online presence, they wanted to reimagine their online presence and reposition themselves in the market as well as promote some of their specialist’s services such as carpet cleaning and upholstery.

In order to help them through this transitional period, we signed a 10-month contract which would see us help them through business development, strategy development, pricing and digital marketing.

Project Features

  • Through the business development aspect of the project:
    • We conducted an in-depth needs assessment to help us better understand what was needed apart from what they requested.
    • We then created an industry analysis report which was basically a map of the industry to see who what, when, where and how they fit into the big picture.
    • We devised, with a degree of difficulty, a pricing model that would guide their revenue projections for the segment they wanted to pursue.
    • Furthermore, we provided them with a competitor analysis to show them who they were really competing with
  • We developed a website that not only looked modern but also generates leads and collects customer information. The website is optimised for search engines and features a cost estimator for potential clients to see how much it would cost to clean their space.
  • We created a social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp as well as provided toolkits to help manage the platforms on an ongoing basis. After setting the platforms up, we began running paid advertising on Google Search as well as Facebook and Instagram, which generated multiple leads.

Today, Reaipela Cleaners is still in business and is fast becoming a disruptive force in the cleaning industry. Check out their website here.