About Our Company

The values of Ujamaa are at the heart of how we engage with each other, our partners and the communities we serve.

Who we are

This is Africa Trading & Projects is an entity with a focus on creating ideas, products and services that make a real difference in people’s lives. Our Philosophy is grounded in Integrity, Passion and Authenticity. Our mission is to not only deliver results for our clients, but to create value driven solutions for society at large. The values of Ujamaa are at the heart of how we engage with each other, our partners and the communities we serve. We are an entity that exists on a continent that is endowed with opportunity and resources which must be mobilized to take us into the future. This is Africa Trading and Projects is an organisation that believes in collaboration as a key driver for delivering interventions that are within the African context.

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Why Choose Us

Our desire is to provide African led solutions to African problems. We see the 4IR as a unique opportunity for African businesses to cut the obstacles that are between them and growth. We believe the future can be now.

When we provide an intervention, it wont just impact the service you requested but you will find that most times, it might just change how you think about your business. Speak to an account manager today.

Each solution or intervention we provide is fused together using creativity, inventiveness and originality to keep costs to our clients as low as possible while providing industry leading services and products.

You can count on us to provide you with accurate and superior service every time. Our lines of communication are always open for our clients and equipped with the technical proficiency to handle your every request related to our services.

Our Skills

Web Development 89%
Marketing Communications 82%
Digital Marketing 94%
Public Relations 76%
Strategy Development 75%
Business Development 65%

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Our Services

With Digital at our core, we strive to create ideas, products and services that are sustainable, scalable and impactful. Let us help you develop, grow and thrive in the 4IR. Here are some of the services we offer.

Public Relations

Why is PR still relevant you may ask? Because it helps form an organization's ideas about itself, what it should do and what its publics want and expect from it.


Imagine turning your entire business into an online business without breaking a sweat. Thats just one of the things we do best.


We help businesses grow the quality and quantity of their website traffic by increasing the visibility of their website to customers using web search engines.

Digital Marketing

We provide training to help businesses build internal capacity. Benefit from over 10 years experience in the digital space to help your business thrive in the 4IR.

Web Hosting

Get email and web hosting for your business and only pay once a year. Choose the domain that works best for your business and get personalised email addresses.

Website Design

Get the perfect website for your business. We build responsive and functional websites that integrate into your businesses daily activities. Try us.

Our Management Team

Brian Sibanda

Chief Digital Officer

Brian Sibanda is an award-winning communication specialist who has experience in the Public Relations and Digital marketing sector as a senior consultant. His experience is drawn from consumer electronics, engineering, transport, social impact and ICT, among others. His passion is in everything digital and the opportunities that we need to harness in the 4th industrial revolution.

Bohlale Masera

Managing Director

Bohlale gained experience as an ambitious project manager working in ‘through-the-line’ advertising agencies where she was exposed to a wide range of corporate and government clients, executing various business, marketing, branding and communication activities. This experience includes internal communication campaigns, brand campaigns, cause / social marketing campaigns, product launches, activations, proofreading and editing, of corporate publications such as Annual Reports, Research Reports, and Stakeholder Newsletters just to name a few.